3260 Walk In

3260 Walk In

Inward swinging door walk in tub. Includes drain, faucet and handshower.

The Bliss 3260 wide and long walk-in tub provides a wider seat and more legroom for additional comfort.  This walk-in tub is ideal for bathers who are taller than six feet.  The tub is not recommended for bathers whose height is less than five feet ten inches.

The Bliss Tubs difference:

  • Stainless steel tub frame with six adjustable leveling legs
  • Inward opening door which make accidental door opening unlikely
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door that is tested before shipping to customer
  • Senior-friendly door handle
  • Stunning gel-coat finish which is inspected meticulously before shipping
  • ADA-compliant, five-piece modern-design faucet set, including adjustable handheld showerhead
  • 3-4 inch water supply capable of filling tub at 18 gallons per minute
  • Senior-friendly and elegantly designed drain mechanism
  • No gimmicky quick-drain claims that are not suitable for economical tub installation in most existing homes
  • Senior-friendly electronic keypad standard with all systems
  • Ultra-quiet, variable speed air blower with built-in ceramic heating element for delivery of warm bubbles into tub
  • Air massage system with automatic purge cycle
  • Highly-acclaimed, ultra-quiet Syllent water pump, which transfers heat to pump water, helping to maintain water temperature
  • All system components UL certified
  • Realistic warranty comparable to those of long-established companies

    Whirlpool Spa Options

    Hydromassage System

    • 6 water jets
    • “Green energy” Syllent™ pump
    • Mixture valve adjusts jet flow
    • Recomended tub model for new construction. Easy-touch control panel

    Air Bubble Massage System

    • 18 low-profile air jets
    • Whisper-quiet CG Air™ blower
    • Easy-touch control panel

    Dual (Air + Water) Massage System

    • Integrated Hydro and Air Bubble Massage
    • Easy-touch Air + Hydro master control panel

Recomended tub model for new construction.



White and Bisque


  • Salutations Chrome Faucet Set (ADA-compliant)
  • Complete drain kit
  • Maintenance panel suction cup
  • Right hand, left-hand or universal extension panel
  • Right hand or left-hand door
  • Steel door handle
  • Steel or bondo interior grab bar
  • Tile flanges up or down
  • Installation & Operating Manuals
  • 2 oz. Gel Gloss Sample

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Dimension : 60x32x36
Shape : Walk-in
Size : Upto 5 ft
Model : Bliss

Call For Price: 480-596-1925