3260 Walk In

3260 Walk In


SKU 3260 Walk In
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The Bliss Tubs difference:

  • Stainless steel tub frame with six adjustable leveling legs
  • Inward opening door which make accidental door opening unlikely
  • Guaranteed leak-proof door that is tested before shipping to customer
  • Senior-friendly door handle
  • Stunning gel-coat finish which is inspected meticulously before shipping
  • ADA-compliant, five-piece modern-design faucet set, including adjustable handheld showerhead
  • 3-4 inch water supply capable of filling tub at 18 gallons per minute
  • Senior-friendly and elegantly designed drain mechanism
  • No gimmicky quick-drain claims that are not suitable for economical tub installation in most existing homes
  • Senior-friendly electronic keypad standard with all systems
  • Ultra-quiet, variable speed air blower with built-in ceramic heating element for delivery of warm bubbles into tub
  • Air massage system with automatic purge cycle
  • Highly-acclaimed, ultra-quiet Syllent water pump, which transfers heat to pump water, helping to maintain water temperature
  • All system components UL certified
  • Realistic warranty comparable to those of long-established companies

    Whirlpool Spa Options

    Hydromassage System

    • 6 water jets
    • “Green energy” Syllent™ pump
    • Mixture valve adjusts jet flow
    • Recomended tub model for new construction. Easy-touch control panel

    Air Bubble Massage System

    • 18 low-profile air jets
    • Whisper-quiet CG Air™ blower
    • Easy-touch control panel

    Dual (Air + Water) Massage System

    • Integrated Hydro and Air Bubble Massage
    • Easy-touch Air + Hydro master control panel

Recomended tub model for new construction.

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  • Salutations Chrome Faucet Set (ADA-compliant)
  • Complete drain kit
  • Maintenance panel suction cup
  • Right hand, left-hand or universal extension panel
  • Right hand or left-hand door
  • Steel door handle
  • Steel or bondo interior grab bar
  • Tile flanges up or down
  • Installation & Operating Manuals
  • 2 oz. Gel Gloss Sample

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Call For Price: 480-596-1925

Inward swinging door walk in tub. Includes drain, faucet and handshower.

The Bliss 3260 wide and long walk-in tub provides a wider seat and more legroom for additional comfort.  This walk-in tub is ideal for bathers who are taller than six feet.  The tub is not recommended for bathers whose height is less than five feet ten inches.

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